Michelle Margaret Fajkus has been leading yoga and mindfulness gatherings in Guatemala since 2010 that incorporate:

  • creativity (writing, music, art)
  • spiritual practice (yoga, mindfulness, meditation)
  • good food (mindful eating, permaculture, nutrition)
  • community  (good company, sharing circles)

Taking a retreat allows us to:

Unplug from technology and reconnect with our inner being, our innate goodness and the simple perfection of this, here and now.

Deepen and intensify our practice.

Connect with the glory of nature.

Feel the group synergy which enables us to practice with greater discipline and focus.

Do our own inner work for the benefit of all beings without exception…including ourselves!

Learn more about our mind’s habit-patterns.

Make new spiritual friends.

Devote our time, finances and energy to a great cause: healing, soulful practice and feeling total gratitude just to be alive.

2016-2017 Retreats!10333423_10153038761575400_62735084777936184_o

Thanksgiving Yoga Retreat
November 23-27, 2016
EarthLodge ~ Antigua, Guatemala
See details!
Beach Yoga Weekend
December 8-12
Details To Be Announced Soon!
Warrior Within Yoga Weekend
January 13-15
La K’ZonA ~ Cerro de Oro, Lake Atitlan
The Path of Beauty: Yoga, Heartfulness & Writing Retreat
January 21-28
Villa Sumaya ~ Santa Cruz, Lake Atitlan


Past Retreats

November 11-14, 2016 / The Art of Healthy Living: Yoga, Cooking & Permaculture Weekend @La K’zona

August 5-7, 2016 / The Path of Beauty: Yoga & Mindfulness Weekend @ La K’zona

November 2015 / Yoga Weekend @ Earth Lodge

June 2015 / Yoga & Creativity @ La K’zona

June 2014 / Yoga & Mindfulness @ La K’zona

March 2011 / Yoga Weekend @ Paredon Surf House/Pacific Coast

May 2010 / Yoga & Mindfulness @ La Paz/San Marcos

November 2010 / Grounded in Gratitude @ Earth Lodge

Breakfast Lake Atitlan

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