Practice with Michelle


Hi! Welcome to Yoga Freedom.

I’m Michelle.

I am a freelance human. Raised in Round Rock, Texas (just north of Austin), I discovered hatha yoga in 7th grade, met the Buddha in California in my early 20s, and moved abroad to Guatemala at 29.

Here and now, at 36, I find myself living at magical, mystical Lake Atitlán, heartland of the living Maya. I live in a small cabin with my Colombian partner, 4 year old daughter Jade, and our black cat and silly dog.

I’ve been leading weekend yoga and mindfulness retreats in Guatemala since 2010 that incorporate spiritual practice (yoga, mindfulness, meditation); creativity (writing, music, art); good food (mindful eating, healthy/vegetarian food); and community  (good company, sharing circles, laughter).

Taking a yoga retreat with me at Lake Atitlan will help you to deepen your personal practice; connect with the glory of nature; unplug and reconnect with your self and the simple perfection of this moment. You’ll make new spiritual friends and devote your time and energy to a great cause: healing, soulful practice.

I hope to see you, sooner than later, in a class or on retreat!

With metta,

2017 Retreats10333423_10153038761575400_62735084777936184_o

21-28: The Path of Beauty: Yoga, Heartfulness & Writing Retreat
Villa Sumaya ~ Santa Cruz, Lake Atitlan * Learn more/register!



10-12: The Art of Healthy Living: Yoga & Cooking Weekend  @ La K’ZonA

17-19: Yin/Yang Yoga: Playa Yoga Weekend @ Paredon Surf House


10-12: Beginner’s Heart: Yoga, Metta & Creativity Weekend @ Earth Lodge ~ Antigua


15-22: Chakra Journey: Rainbow Serpent Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat @ Villa Sumaya


5-7: The Art of Healthy Living: Yoga & Cooking Weekend  @ La K’zona


5-10: Kids’ Yoga Camp: Family Yoga, Art & Fun @ La K’zona


6-10: The Art of Healthy Living: Chakras & Cooking @ La K’zona


4-6: Four Directions, Four Elements: Yoga, Meditation & Ceremony Weekend @ La K’zona


8-10: The Art of Healthy Living: Chakras & Cooking Weekend @ La K’zona

Breakfast Lake Atitlan

Selected List of Past Retreats

  • Jan 13-15, 2017 Warrior Within @ La K’zona
  • November 11-14, 2016 / The Art of Healthy Living: Yoga, Cooking & Permaculture Weekend @La K’zona
  • August 5-7, 2016 / The Path of Beauty: Yoga & Mindfulness Weekend @ La K’zona
  • November 2015 / Yoga Weekend @ Earth Lodge
  • June 2015 / Yoga & Creativity @ La K’zona
  • June 2014 / Yoga & Mindfulness @ La K’zona
  • March 2011 / Yoga Weekend @ Paredon Surf House/Pacific Coast
  • May 2010 / Yoga & Mindfulness @ La Paz/San Marcos
  • November 2010 / Grounded in Gratitude @ Earth Lodge

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