2017 Retreats

You’re invited to join the circle ~  Come rest, rejuvenate and renew yourself on retreat in the land of eternal spring.

June 3-5
Yoga, Mindfulness & Cooking Weekend
@ La K’zona

July 22-29
Chakra Yoga, Heartfulness & Writing Retreat
@ Villa Sumaya * See FB Event

August 5-7:
Yoga, Ceremony & Celebration
@ La K’zona

September 2-9
Vinyasa, Yin & Writing Retreat
@ Villa Sumaya

About Michelle

Michelle is a believer in the power of poetry, circles and stories.

She is the creator of Yoga Freedom and has been teaching hatha yoga since 2002.

Raised in Austin, Texas, Michelle’s home base since 2012 is Lake Atitlán in the Guatemalan highlands, where she enjoys writing, reading, playing with her daughter, teaching, learning, being in nature, speaking Spanglish with her partner, cooking, eating, dancing, chanting, journaling, hiking, swimming, and generally being embodied in the present moment..

Michelle is a freelance blogger, most notably for Elephant Journal. She has self-published a number of inspiring books and regularly gives yoga retreats in Guatemala that incorporate

  • spirituality (yoga, mindfulness, meditation);
  • creativity (writing, art, music, dance);
  • good food (mindful eating, healthy vegetarian diet); and
  • community  (ceremony, good company, sharing circles, laughter).

Past Retreats

  • January 21-28, 2017: The Path of Beauty: Yoga, Heartfulness & Writing Retreat @Villa Sumaya
  • Jan 13-15, 2017 Warrior Within @ La K’zona


  • November 11-14, 2016 / The Art of Healthy Living: Yoga, Cooking & Permaculture Weekend @La K’zona
  • August 5-7, 2016 / The Path of Beauty: Yoga & Mindfulness Weekend @ La K’zona
  • November 2015 / Yoga Weekend @ Earth Lodge
  • June 2015 / Yoga & Creativity @ La K’zona
  • June 2014 / Yoga & Mindfulness @ La K’zona
  • March 2011 / Yoga Weekend @ Paredon Surf House/Pacific Coast
  • May 2010 / Yoga & Mindfulness @ La Paz/San Marcos
  • November 2010 / Grounded in Gratitude @ Earth Lodge

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