Yoga is practiced everywhere, anytime, all the time. Yoga is the connection to our breath, bodies and heart-minds. Yoga helps us cultivate gratitude just because. Every day is a good day — even bad days, even the worst days — because each moment is a new chance to be here and love and grow and hold on and let go.


Practice with Michelle

Michelle offers yoga and writing classes, workshops, personal retreats, weekend retreats and group retreats by appointment. Just one catch — you’ll have to meet her in paradise (Lake Atitlan, Guatemala)!

Her style incorporates hatha, vinyasa, yin yoga, pranayama (breathwork), dharma (Buddhist teachings), meditation, mindfulness, writing practice (a la Natalie Goldberg/Writing Down the Bones) and laughter.

For more details about Michelle’s philosophy and teaching, check out this Levitating Monkey Interview

Read testimonials from past retreat participants here.

If you’d like to practice with Michelle at Lake Atitlan, feel free to connect!


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