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The Path of Beauty: Yoga & Writing Weekend Retreats

Yoga has altered my life, for the better, for more than two decades. I've been teaching for the past sixteen years. I've also been writing pretty much since I can remember. Diaries, journals, blogs, poems, essays, articles. So I'm beyond thrilled to be offering a few weekend retreats in August & September that are all… Continue reading The Path of Beauty: Yoga & Writing Weekend Retreats

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101 Ways to Heal Your Chakras.

{Read the full version on elephant.} 1st Chakra Location: Root/base of the spine Sanskrit: Muladhara/”root support” Color: red Element: earth Issues: stability, survival, unity, identity, ego, birth, death Associated with: legs, feet, bones, adrenal gland, large intestine, teeth, spinal column Governs: perception of the physical world; motivation and intent, birth, work, money, eating, digestion Malfunction:… Continue reading 101 Ways to Heal Your Chakras.

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Reaffirming the need for compassion.

by guest blogger Caroline Young, freelance journalist and yoga instructor While I was slowly (and quite reluctantly) wrapping up a three-month European journey, I was remembering how much I needed yoga in my life again. I had gotten swept up in every distraction possible: wonderful food & wine, amazing and interesting people from around the… Continue reading Reaffirming the need for compassion.