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On Turning 37

I was born roughly 1,924 weeks ago. That number is only slightly more arbitrary than the corresponding number of years: thirty seven. Age is strange. On the inside, I feel about twenty one. From the outside, it might seem like I am eightysomething, based on my much-cherished, early-to-bed, early-to-rise lifestyle. Nonetheless, I am barreling towards… Continue reading On Turning 37

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Why We Don’t Believe in School Anymore

Although we are grateful for our educations and experiences as students and teachers in traditional schools, here's why we don't want to work within schools anymore, ever again, nor want our children or grandchildren to be subjected to the tyranny of the classroom. Michelle's Story School worked for me. I was always on the honor… Continue reading Why We Don’t Believe in School Anymore


A Teacher and Student in Transition

Transitions typically occur when or shortly after we experience a moment of truth. I think this is why we so often avoid the truth because it requires that we change an aspect of ourselves and our lifestyles even if we don’t feel ready or know what is next. The way I see it, change is… Continue reading A Teacher and Student in Transition

The New Story

On the Subject of Subjects

Do school subjects, in addition to grade levels, contribute to the illusion of separateness? Though we may have our preferences, one subject is not more valuable or more useful than the others. Subjects were never supposed to be treated separately or function independently. Subjects (or disciplines) were not designed to compete for the truth. Each… Continue reading On the Subject of Subjects