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December 22 – Sukkha (Happiness)

Where did you encounter sweetness in 2011? Was there sweetness In the warm embrace of a trusted friend? In an unexpected home cooked meal after a long day of work? In the park at sunset? On the yoga mat?  At the beach? Within the confines of your own bedroom? All of the above, I hope.


December 17 – Bhakti (Devotion)

What did you devote yourself to in 2011? How will you devote your energy in the coming year? a I devoted myself to teaching (school and yoga). To writing (essays and articles). To practice (of yoga, of meditation, of writing, of breathing...). I will continue to devote my energy to all of these things in… Continue reading December 17 – Bhakti (Devotion)


December 16 – Viaje (Trip)

Where did you travel this year? What was your best trip? x Near... far... or wherever you roamed from home, how was your journey spent in 2011? What new places did you explore? What familiar favorites did you haunt? x I started the year in New York City (3:00 a.m. Coney Island / 5:00 a.m.… Continue reading December 16 – Viaje (Trip)