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13 E – Reflections on the Journey

Today is 13 E in the Mayan calendar. E represents the path, the spiritual journey, the stepping stones of life and practice. 13 is the last number in the cycle, the day when the veil is said to be thinner between our mundane, everyday experience and the magical mystery of divine energy that animates the… Continue reading 13 E – Reflections on the Journey

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Winds of Change

It's 8 Iq today. Iq is the Mayan sign of wind. There is a gentle breeze or none right now in the living room. I am still, settled, in Sacramento. The sacrament. The sacred mundane. Waking up in a quiet house full of relatives asleep. Soon enough the coffee will be brewing, the people chattering,… Continue reading Winds of Change

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For better or worse smartphone touchscreen spellchecker auto-correct pop culture computers on steroid wheels girls just wanna have fun and lose belly fat Americana pajamas kindle fire charger wire TV news at six and ten strip malls box stores eco what? SUVs digitized analog in Antique shops Too Much of everything, not enough Nothing. And… Continue reading Abundances

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The Borderline Day.

One of the (few) drawbacks to living abroad is having to deal with immigration issues. Ever since high school when I relished in skipping classes and not getting caught, it has been in my nature to rebel against authority. In line with this rebellious mentality, I believe that borders between states and countries are fictitious… Continue reading The Borderline Day.


Simplicity Leads to Peaceful Vacations

Guest Post by Kendra Thornton As a full time mom, I've learned that vacation isn't always as relaxing as it's cracked up to be. With cranky kids in tow, I have braved the crowds at Disney parks and driven across North America. It hasn't always been easy, but I've learned how to enjoy a more… Continue reading Simplicity Leads to Peaceful Vacations