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Bowing Out of the Learning Circle.

The individual is of first importance, not the system. ~J. Krishnamurti My experiences in my first six years as a school teacher showed me unequivocally that the system is of first importance in a traditional school setting—not the individual. Testing took precedence over learning. Administrators admonished teachers with frequent reminders of the rules and references… Continue reading Bowing Out of the Learning Circle.

Michelle's Memoir

I am not trying to destroy Life School.

Let's get the story straight. I was a good teacher. I loved my job. Then, everything changed. I was fired. I was gonna let it go. Cut my losses. Move on. Then, the school filed a denuncio (restraining order) against me. Unprovoked. I then pursued my rights and was told by the Guatemalan government that… Continue reading I am not trying to destroy Life School.

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The Continuing Saga of Life

On Thursday, January 29, I wrote a memorandum, but before I was able to finish and translate and send the document, I received an email that announced the school's decision to terminate me immediately. Here are the reasons the school gave and my responses to those reasons: You used the LOGO and name of LIFE School… Continue reading The Continuing Saga of Life


Who am I if Not a Teacher?

It all started in 2005. Can you believe that was ten years ago? I was working in a grey office building, making a decent salary working in advertising and marketing and hating my everyday existence. My dad gave me a clipping from the local newspaper promoting an alternative teaching certification program. And the rest, as… Continue reading Who am I if Not a Teacher?

The New Story

How Mainstream Schooling Burns Teachers Out

Or, Why the Status Quo is Not Sustainable "In public schools, the educator is backed by an entire system of demands, inducements, punishments, measuring devices, and packaging of knowledge: testing, grades, standards, curriculum units, textbooks, psychological and medical labels, detention slips, and much, much more." ~ Ron Miller Teaching is, hands down, the most challenging… Continue reading How Mainstream Schooling Burns Teachers Out

The New Story

What if the Teacher was Life?

“What if religion was each other? If our practice was our life? If prayer was our words? What if the temple was the Earth? If forests were our church? If holy water - the rivers, lakes, and oceans? What if meditation was our relationships? If the Teacher was life? If wisdom was knowledge? If love… Continue reading What if the Teacher was Life?