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4 Intention Cards for 2020

Reposted from Elephant Journal (Read full post) 1. Winter (January, February, March): The Empress Earth Mother, thank you for giving us all that you give. Balanced red root chakra, may we feel safe and secure. May we be fully who we are. May we learn to hold onto things less tightly. To have more patience… Continue reading 4 Intention Cards for 2020

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4 Enduring Teachings from a Dearly Departed Energy Healer

{Read the full, original post on Elephant Journal.} I pulled four Tarot cards that embody some of Kirsten's greatest teachings and have included several quotes below from the book she gifted me, The Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene. May these symbols and messages be of benefit. Ace of Cups “The Ace of Cups heralds… Continue reading 4 Enduring Teachings from a Dearly Departed Energy Healer

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Tarot Inspiration Cards for 2019

In late December each year, I do a Tarot reading for the coming year. These cards serve as potent reminders of intention, rather than fortune-telling devices. These are the virtues and ideas we can strive toward throughout the coming months. Write any key words or phrases that resonate with you on your monthly calendar. Each card is… Continue reading Tarot Inspiration Cards for 2019

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Tarot Insight for Spring Equinox

The choir of birds Sing gospel To me, hear now The final outcome is death. Ain't it the truth? Ashes to ashes to dust to no longer occupying this body mind spirit heart My fear is being a hanged woman Stuck in flux, bound upside down The world of my ego wants me to seek… Continue reading Tarot Insight for Spring Equinox


14 Tarot-Inspired Intentions for 2014.

Every new year, I draw 12 Tarot cards for the 12 coming months. This year, I also drew two additional cards for the year as a whole, and here they are. (The interpretations are selected and paraphrased from Tarot for Your Self : A Workbook for Personal Transformation (2nd Edition) by Mary K. Greer.) The Sun Enlightenment. Clarity.… Continue reading 14 Tarot-Inspired Intentions for 2014.