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Something for your Mind

15 years ago today, I lost my mind. Yes, 2005 was fifteen years ago. Nervous breakdown; manic episode; pursued by police; committed to the state psychiatric hospital. Long story short. I've written about it extensively over the years, to process, to attempt to understand, to remember, to document. There are lots of things I don't… Continue reading Something for your Mind

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The E Trecena: 13 days on the Road of Life

Stairways, ladders, doors and paths To heaven, to hell, to here and now Unconditional love is present Gratitude is present Looking at the ground ahead of us Gazing at the vastness of sky One foot in front of the other Step by step, change by tiny change It's all happening We are ever arriving Leaving… Continue reading The E Trecena: 13 days on the Road of Life

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13 E – Reflections on the Journey

Today is 13 E in the Mayan calendar. E represents the path, the spiritual journey, the stepping stones of life and practice. 13 is the last number in the cycle, the day when the veil is said to be thinner between our mundane, everyday experience and the magical mystery of divine energy that animates the… Continue reading 13 E – Reflections on the Journey

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Time is but a Dream.

Row row row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily! Life is but a dream. Are we in the same boat? It is a gorgeous Sunday morning. I taught yoga overlooking the lake and then stretched a little by myself and then came to Moonfish and ordered coffee and eggs. I have… Continue reading Time is but a Dream.

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Lessons Along the Path

“The path is like a busy, broad highway, complete with roadblocks, accidents, construction work, and police. It is quite terrifying. Nevertheless it is majestic, it is the great path. ‘From today onward until the attainment of enlightenment I am willing to live with my chaos and confusion as well as with that of all other… Continue reading Lessons Along the Path

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what would mary do?

Back then, I believed that all the energy manifest in the world was Divine in nature. A genderless, inhuman, unfathomable God created our Universe and human consciousness. Sure, Jesus Christ is the Son of God, or an incarnation of God in human flesh. Many worship and serve him. That’s great, more power to them. Some… Continue reading what would mary do?