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The Earth-plane: 6 Ways to Ground Your Root Chakra

Where on Earth are You? Feel where your body connects to the planet. Feel how gravity is grounding you to Mother Earth. Breathe in a sense of belonging and of being completely right where you are. Our chakras, according to Swami Saradananda‘s wonderful guidebook, Chakra Meditation, are “seven focal points of radiant power, or vital… Continue reading The Earth-plane: 6 Ways to Ground Your Root Chakra

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Jai Ganesha!

  ... when you're blessed by Ganesh than the stress can melt he destroys the knots that confine your thoughts he dissolves the walls & he breaks the blocks he unlocks the door to the sacred core & he guards the gate at the pelvic floor the benevolent elephant wise and intelligent at the base of… Continue reading Jai Ganesha!

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Rock Your Root Chakra (Yoga Playlist)

This playlist will rock your root chakra! Please share your favorite root chakra song in a comment, if so inspired. 1. Ganesh is Fresh by MC Yogi According to the Vedic texts of ancient Hinduism, Ganesh the Elephant God is the ruler of muladhara ("root") chakra. This fabulous tune for an upbeat yoga practice tells… Continue reading Rock Your Root Chakra (Yoga Playlist)


Root (1st) Chakra

The body never lies.  ~Martha Graham Root chakra concerns: survival, stability, physical needs, security, connection with the earth Music: I will survive by Gloria Gaynor Human nature by Michael Jackson What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong Todo cambia by Mercedes Sosa Ganesh is fresh by MC Yogi (the elephant lord Ganesha is the ruler… Continue reading Root (1st) Chakra