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Summer Solsticio

Yesterday /Ayer -- 21 de Junio -- 10 Q'anil (SEED) -- the manifestation of growth; a day of light and heat and waking up at four o'clock in the a.m. with a burning need to write, to process the despair in the air, the sadness heavy in our collective heart, the determination to do something,… Continue reading Summer Solsticio

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Namaste, 2017!

Life is ever brimming with challenges, sadness, joy, surprises, togetherness, alone-time, emotion, work, play, love and learning. Comedy, tragedy and everything overlapping in between. Walking the path of beauty means making the choice to live in a way that fulfills you.... the deepest, truest, clearest version of you. When we embody the best version of… Continue reading Namaste, 2017!

Michelle's Memoir, Poetry, The New Story

Winds of Change

It's 8 Iq today. Iq is the Mayan sign of wind. There is a gentle breeze or none right now in the living room. I am still, settled, in Sacramento. The sacrament. The sacred mundane. Waking up in a quiet house full of relatives asleep. Soon enough the coffee will be brewing, the people chattering,… Continue reading Winds of Change

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17 Years since Columbine

{First published on elephant journal} Dylan Klebold was 17 and Eric Harris 18 when they walked into their high school in suburban Denver, planted huge bombs concealed in duffel bags in the cafeteria that would have killed and maimed hundreds had they exploded, then shot dozens of people on the school grounds and killed 15,… Continue reading 17 Years since Columbine

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The Culture Wheel

What makes us who we are? Our culture! And as the world becomes more interconnected, cultures mix, mingle and swirl to create sub-cultures and each of us arguably has a unique sub-sub-culture. My (awesome) principal a few years ago introduced the culture wheel assignment to us teachers during the orientation/prep week prior to the beginning… Continue reading The Culture Wheel


Let’s Get Ready to Reverb! #reverb13

Let's Get Ready to Reverb!#reverb13Reverb is a means of reflection on the year that has passed and looking forward to the coming year. It provides us with an opportunity to celebrate life and mourn losses together.Every day during December, I'll post a writing prompt in the form of a question. You can answer as privately… Continue reading Let’s Get Ready to Reverb! #reverb13