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Presence, Patience, Simplicity

Mindfulness. It's become such a buzz word, much like "yoga". And yet, the practice is popular and now mainstream precisely because it offers simple methods for cultivating greater awareness of the present moment. In other words, mindfulness empowers us to more fully live our lives by fully embodying our experience from moment to moment. Not… Continue reading Presence, Patience, Simplicity

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What Guides My Days

I've been quiet lately. I haven't been publishing much, and sometimes not even writing as much. It's a time of reflection, renewal, development. Things are brewing. I'm working on an exciting new project with a friend that we plan to launch in early 2015. It's almost the end of the year, and it has been… Continue reading What Guides My Days

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{Read it on elephant journal!?} I’m not fashionable. At this point, I’ll wear anything that’s reasonably clean, and my ideal outfit definitely includes yoga pants. I don’t wear cosmetics or shave or put “product” in my hair, other than shampoo. I have four pairs of shoes and three of them are flip-flops. I am, however, verbally fashionable. I notice and analyze… Continue reading “This.”

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Living in the Present Moment… and Having a 5 Year Plan.

Sometimes it's hard to balance living in the now and having a long-term vision. I live presently as much as possible---and thanks to years of practice and luck and having made certain choices in my life---I live presently oftenly. However. I occasionally feel a peculiar (internal? external? where is it coming from!?) pressure to change… Continue reading Living in the Present Moment… and Having a 5 Year Plan.

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Nothing to Undo

The other day, I looked at my iPod touch for the time, and on the screen it said: "Nothing To Undo." I hadn't consciously done anything to prompt this message, and therefore it was appreciated. It prompted a few thoughts: The past is what got us here, and for that we are grateful, but it… Continue reading Nothing to Undo

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You Are Already A Buddha

Good morning, enlightened ones. Good news! Did you know? You are already a Buddha. Even if you're working for the weekend, even if you're struggling with an addiction or three, even if you're angry or sad or lonely or moody or joyful, even if you're overconfident, and even if you are suffering from an utter… Continue reading You Are Already A Buddha