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Let’s Get Radical

The lungs of Mother Earth are burning. In addition to the Amazon in South America, many other places are burning. Since the beginning of June (the hottest June on record in the Arctic), over 100 wildfires have burned in the Arctic circle, in Greenland, Siberia and Alaska. Arctic wildfires emitted as much CO2 just in… Continue reading Let’s Get Radical

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Earth Heart

I had just fallen asleep when the earth shook. An 8.0 magnitude earthquake had hit the coastline of southern Mexico, and we felt it here at Lake Atitlan in Guatemalan highlands several hundred of kilometers away. My husband and I jumped out of bed, looked at each other, deer in headlights. I always think they… Continue reading Earth Heart

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Trash Versus Treasure

Guatemala's abundant natural beauty is tragically blemished by the ubiquitous litter strewn across its hills, volcanoes, forests, beaches and lakes. Trash management is a national problem here. In the capital city, there is no large-scale recycling program other than workers who comb through the immense city landfill, sorting recyclables from the tons of trash created… Continue reading Trash Versus Treasure