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What to do with all this outrage?

This level of outrage is unsustainable. Perhaps like you, I am feeling utterly outraged far too often these days. According to Deepak Chopra: “In any situation of maximum stress, a person’s coping skills are severely tested. Stress is maximized whenever three elements are present: repetition, unpredictability, and loss of control. Repetition is supplied by Trump’s constant… Continue reading What to do with all this outrage?

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Make America Kind Again

The "Golden Age" from 1945-1972, was an exceptional phase of American history. Looking back upon this era now widely considered to be the epitome of American prosperity, historian Eric Hobsbawm wrote, “Gold glowed more brightly against the dull or dark background of the subsequent decades of crisis.” The vague, much-repeated promise to recapture the wonders… Continue reading Make America Kind Again

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Where is the Middle Way?

  What we have here is a lack of union. Extremes have become ultra polarized to the point of absurdity The polar ice caps melting can't be denied Science isn't a matter of belief humanity is KILLING OUR MOTHER EARTH The government isn't meant to be a two-party system and politics shouldn't be what is has become: corporation… Continue reading Where is the Middle Way?

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A New Story of Thanksgiving

Once upon a time, last week, the people of a great and vast nation elected a morally bankrupt billionaire TV star as their government leader. Nothing has changed, yet everything has. Is it worse than we think, or should we give the guy a chance? Reactions are as unique and diverse as our personalities, and… Continue reading A New Story of Thanksgiving

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Incite Insight

Read the original post on elephant journal. Let’s take some collective deep breaths. The ascension of Trump to the US Presidency is a world tragedy. It is a complete catastrophe that the electorate brought upon itself. Perhaps now we should pause, log out, take a deep breath and have a look at our minds. What can we let… Continue reading Incite Insight

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A Nation Divided: Where do we go from here?

{Read the original post on elephant journal.} There is no silver lining. Instead of a qualified woman, a hateful man has been elected. TRUMP TRIUMPHS, blares the New York Times. The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency is nothing less than a tragedy for the American republic, a tragedy for the Constitution, and a… Continue reading A Nation Divided: Where do we go from here?