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Summer Solsticio

Yesterday /Ayer -- 21 de Junio -- 10 Q'anil (SEED) -- the manifestation of growth; a day of light and heat and waking up at four o'clock in the a.m. with a burning need to write, to process the despair in the air, the sadness heavy in our collective heart, the determination to do something,… Continue reading Summer Solsticio

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Boundless Gratitude

Thank you for this sage. Thank you for this moment. Thank you for this life. Thank you for the birdsong. Thank you for the lake. Thank you for this breath. Thank you for the sky. Thank you for the volcanoes. Thank you for the flowers, fruits and food. Thank you for love, and the moon.… Continue reading Boundless Gratitude

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Where is the Middle Way?

  What we have here is a lack of union. Extremes have become ultra polarized to the point of absurdity The polar ice caps melting can't be denied Science isn't a matter of belief humanity is KILLING OUR MOTHER EARTH The government isn't meant to be a two-party system and politics shouldn't be what is has become: corporation… Continue reading Where is the Middle Way?

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Good morning Sunrise meditation Sitting or standing On the wooden planks of our little cabin's balcony Every morning the same yet different Notice the pastels in the sky Midday meditation There is no one right way to sit There is no one right way to practice Isn't everything practice, after all? Isn't everything life unfolding?… Continue reading Birdwatching

The New Story


Full moon intensity anxiety fulfillment Journey coming to an end Except there is no journey and no end Bubble baths pampering appreciation Playgrounds across North America Slides swings metal plastic then and now Leaves falling trees standing swaying Interpreting swirls in pumpkin chai lattes Bundling up stripping down East west north south above below Center… Continue reading Lunation

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For better or worse smartphone touchscreen spellchecker auto-correct pop culture computers on steroid wheels girls just wanna have fun and lose belly fat Americana pajamas kindle fire charger wire TV news at six and ten strip malls box stores eco what? SUVs digitized analog in Antique shops Too Much of everything, not enough Nothing. And… Continue reading Abundances