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I am Nature

Nature as a reflection of our inherent nature. I am the yellow cornfield. I am the vast sky. I am the green gray clouds of a storm brewing on an April morning. I am the third eye of the hurricane. I am the bucking tornado. I am the temblor. I am the wave that pulls… Continue reading I am Nature

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Digital Detoxing: Why & How

Photo by on I’m grateful that I grew up without a phone in my pocket.   Life before the internet, social media, email, or apps galore was slower and more simple. Gratification was less instant. Photos had to be developed to be seen. Phones were plugged into the wall.   Today, it seems… Continue reading Digital Detoxing: Why & How

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5 Dynamic Meditations for Busy People

Do you have trouble sitting still sometimes? Modern life is super busy with a seemingly endless list of tasks, commitments, priorities, and responsibilities. The breakneck speed of technological development and the rushed pace of urban life create the perfect storm. In summation, many of us are currently more productive—and more stressed out—than ever. The human mind entertains… Continue reading 5 Dynamic Meditations for Busy People

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Please quit working for the weekend.

My life has radically, gradually changed in the past ten years. Radical change takes its precious time. It happens a little bit every day. I am immeasurably more free than I was a decade ago, in many aspects. I still have a lot of work to do, lifetimes of it. I used to drive a… Continue reading Please quit working for the weekend.

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Good morning Sunrise meditation Sitting or standing On the wooden planks of our little cabin's balcony Every morning the same yet different Notice the pastels in the sky Midday meditation There is no one right way to sit There is no one right way to practice Isn't everything practice, after all? Isn't everything life unfolding?… Continue reading Birdwatching

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What Yoga Isn’t.

Originally published on elephant journal. “Yoga is the mere or sheer participation in the wonder of Life as it is already perfectly given.” ~ Mark Whitwell, Yoga of Heart The word “yoga” has become popular, mainstream and confused. The question for today is: are we practicing actual yoga? Or are we making our yoga yet… Continue reading What Yoga Isn’t.