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The Earth-plane: 6 Ways to Ground Your Root Chakra

Where on Earth are You? Feel where your body connects to the planet. Feel how gravity is grounding you to Mother Earth. Breathe in a sense of belonging and of being completely right where you are. Our chakras, according to Swami Saradananda‘s wonderful guidebook, Chakra Meditation, are “seven focal points of radiant power, or vital… Continue reading The Earth-plane: 6 Ways to Ground Your Root Chakra

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Get Grounded—The Root Chakra

Welcome to the inaugural post of a 7-part, 7-month Yoga Freedom blog series, Chakra of the Month! Although August is nearly drawing to a close, I would like to introduce the root chakra as this month's energy center. The root chakra is your body's security guard. You know when you get sick and literally feel like… Continue reading Get Grounded—The Root Chakra