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1606 Oakridge Drive

I'm feeling the nostalgia big time. Grieving a place. I'm happy for my parents and their new (to them), bigger house (with a pool) near Canyon Lake, TX, just an 80-mile drive from their old house (my house) where they'd lived since 1989, in the city of Round Rock. Yet I'm mourning the fact that… Continue reading 1606 Oakridge Drive

Guatemala, Michelle's Memoir

Rustic Sustainability

A report from the woods... A disclaimer: I am (was) a Spoiled North American Woman. It never really crossed my mind until adulthood that some people (a.k.a. most of the inhabitants of the Earth) actually live without a washer/dryer. Or a dishwasher. Or a refrigerator. Those handy home appliances are standard in my country, at… Continue reading Rustic Sustainability

Michelle's Memoir, Mindfulness, Writings

Living in the Present Moment… and Having a 5 Year Plan.

Sometimes it's hard to balance living in the now and having a long-term vision. I live presently as much as possible---and thanks to years of practice and luck and having made certain choices in my life---I live presently oftenly. However. I occasionally feel a peculiar (internal? external? where is it coming from!?) pressure to change… Continue reading Living in the Present Moment… and Having a 5 Year Plan.

Education, Guatemala

The future’s so bright.

You know when you need something to jolt you out of complacency? A poem, Aristotle, by Billy Collins did that for me today. Here are a few of my favorite lines: This is the beginning. Almost anything can happen. This is the first part where the wheels begin to turn, where the elevator begins its ascent, before… Continue reading The future’s so bright.