Learning in Movement

“Before we were ignorant, but now we have learned about the reality of the world. About what mining means for our community — sickness, destruction of the environment, etc. We are learning in movement.” ~Guatemalan activist Felisa Muralles I knew almost nothing about Guatemala, its culture or history before moving here in 2009. I didn't… Continue reading Learning in Movement


An Indigenous Way of Knowing

Movement is a way of knowing. Movement is a way of connecting to the body, from the body. Movement is a way of relating, to the body, to other beings, to the landscape. Dance, in its simplest definition and application, is movement. A couple of weeks ago I attended a workshop at the Talking Stick… Continue reading An Indigenous Way of Knowing


The Love Movement (by Ross McKeachie)

"To love something: what does this mean; what does it feel like? To love is to see something, as it really is, and to allow it total space to be just so. Love feels like an open embrace, a warm and soft celebration that judges not and holds onto naught." - Ross McKeachie Opening Up… Continue reading The Love Movement (by Ross McKeachie)

Desire, The New Story

Learning to Move, Moving to Learn

The focus for February was on learning to relax... so we can learn. A special thanks to Scott Krayenhoff, May Henry and Dr. Tim Brown and Janise O'Leandros for contributing activities. March is all about movement. Of course, movement is nothing without stillness, but it is unnatural and counterproductive to sit in a desk for hours on… Continue reading Learning to Move, Moving to Learn