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Feliz día de la Mamá

Read the full post on Elephant Journal. Sweet Messages for your Mama Instead of sending a generic store-bought card, create a homemade card, or send her a heartfelt email. Include something sentimental, like these cute pictures of animal moms with their young, a favorite poem or one of these lovely wisdom quotes on motherhood: “There is no… Continue reading Feliz día de la Mamá


8 Invaluable Life Lessons, Thanks to Motherhood

The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children. ~ Jessica Lange There seem to be two kinds of women in the world: the baby fanatics and the not-so-maternal. I fall into the latter category.… Continue reading 8 Invaluable Life Lessons, Thanks to Motherhood

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Motherhood: A Whole New Level of Yoga

“Life is not a problem to solve but a mystery to live.” ~Thomas Merton There are always problems in this life, even when you live rent-free on one of the most beautiful lakes on Earth. (Which, somehow, I do.) Sometimes I don’t take a moment to look up and admire the view. Stress and worry overtakes… Continue reading Motherhood: A Whole New Level of Yoga

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one of these days, one of these moments, i will go into labor. it will take some hours. there will be contractions. the midwife will be called over. it will be morning, noon or night. or all three. and in the end, out will come a baby. this tiny being that has grown inside me… Continue reading Expecting