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May You Practice Metta

“Whatever living beings there may be; Whether they are weak or strong, omitting none, The great or the mighty, medium, short or small, The seen and the unseen, Those living near and far away, Those born and to-be-born, May all beings be at ease!” ~ The Metta Sutra Metta means loving-kindness. It’s also a simple… Continue reading May You Practice Metta

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Home is where the body is.

Although I like to think that my love and compassion extend beyond my immediate physical space, anatomically speaking, my heart is in my body. So wherever I am, I am home. Where is home for you? Yesterday, I left home, my adopted home of Guatemala, a beautiful and complicated country, like all countries. I own (or,… Continue reading Home is where the body is.


Mindfulness in the Middle School Classroom

At the beginning of my first year of teaching, I hung a sign on the wall of my bilingual third-grade classroom that said, “En este salón, todos son maestros y todos son estudiantes.” In this room, everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student. Without realizing it, I was voicing the philosophy behind the… Continue reading Mindfulness in the Middle School Classroom


I Am Peace: Mantra Meditation

Inhale: "I am" Exhale: "Peace" Feel a sense of calmness fill your body. Relax your face and shoulders. Find an area where you can let go of tension. Inhale: "I am" Exhale: "Peace" Life often moves more slowly than we'd like it to. Cultivate a sense of patience and rememember, it's about the journey, not… Continue reading I Am Peace: Mantra Meditation

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Holiday mindfulness in a nutshell

Read it on Elephant Journal. For many of us, this season of festive gatherings are accompanied by mounds of cheese, cookies and cocktails, gift exchanges, hope and disappointment. December is the most challenging (and therefore most perfect) month to start or recommit to the practice of mindfulness. Here are a few gentle suggestions. Love your… Continue reading Holiday mindfulness in a nutshell