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It’s Easy Being Green: 10 Powerful, Visual Reminders

Over the years, I’ve become increasingly conscious of the impact of my lifestyle on the planet. Many of us have,  yet we hear of the devastation of climate change, see the images of melting ice caps and dead whales with plastic-filled stomachs and are forced to wonder. Will our efforts be enough? Here in Guatemala,… Continue reading It’s Easy Being Green: 10 Powerful, Visual Reminders

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What Yoga Isn’t.

Originally published on elephant journal. “Yoga is the mere or sheer participation in the wonder of Life as it is already perfectly given.” ~ Mark Whitwell, Yoga of Heart The word “yoga” has become popular, mainstream and confused. The question for today is: are we practicing actual yoga? Or are we making our yoga yet… Continue reading What Yoga Isn’t.

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Smile Pretty & Abandon Hope.

The secret to a happy life: Give up hope. Or, should I say, hope wisely. Cultivate wise hope. In When Things Fall Apart, Pema Chodron writes: "You could even put 'Abandon hope' on your refrigerator door instead of more conventional aspirations..." Chapter 7: Hopelessness and Death "Without giving up hope—that there's somewhere better to be,… Continue reading Smile Pretty & Abandon Hope.


28 Ways to be (More) Real.

Say what you feel. Admit failure. Make more eye contact. Remember your own (and every being's) basic goodness. Sing! (Even if you can't sing.) Dance! (Even if you can't dance.) Admit it when you're wrong. And say sorry. Look fear in the face. Write heartfelt notes to friends. Give up small talk. Don't be fake.… Continue reading 28 Ways to be (More) Real.


Simplicity Leads to Peaceful Vacations

Guest Post by Kendra Thornton As a full time mom, I've learned that vacation isn't always as relaxing as it's cracked up to be. With cranky kids in tow, I have braved the crowds at Disney parks and driven across North America. It hasn't always been easy, but I've learned how to enjoy a more… Continue reading Simplicity Leads to Peaceful Vacations