Collected Writings 2010-2017

51hV0yux+mLMoving abroad eight years ago was a rebirth for me.

The choice to uproot from my home country, the United States of America, and plant new seeds in my host country, Guatemala, suddenly changed my whole life and lifestyle.

I was bestowed with the best gift of all: time. I used my newfound abundance of this magical time and mental space to focus on my personal yoga and meditation practice—and to hone my writing skills. I started this very blog on WordPress in early 2010. In October of that year, I crossed my fingers and submitted my very first article for publication on Elephant Journal. (I’m so grateful that they accepted it and hundreds more since!)

Over the years, I’ve maintained my passion for yoga and writing, though of course both practices have fluctuated over time and with the influence of life, work, partnership, parenthood and all the little moments that make up our days.

I’m delighted to present my latest e-book offering: The Best of Yoga Freedom. These collected blog posts and essays from the past seven years deal with everything from developing and deepening spiritual practice to stories of shame and sexual healing to heart advice on long-term partnerships and healthy, simple lifestyle choices. If you’re new to this site, this is an ideal place to begin.

The book is available on Amazon/Kindle. If you would be interested in reading and writing a review, please connect with me and I will gladly send you a free copy.

Thank you for reading!

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How to be Free: Breathe, Stretch & Solve All Your Problems

Take a deep breath in through the nose…
Exhale through the mouth. Aahhhhhhhh.

Yoga entered into my consciousness as a concept and into my daily life as a practice in February of 1993, 22 years ago. Mindfulness came along and shook up my life (and mind) about ten years later when I started studying meditation in California in 2003.

Now, I am certainly no expert and do not like being referred to as a “guru,” even jokingly. I do, however, have a lot of experience with and gratitude for yoga and mindfulness, as both a practitioner and a teacher. And I happen to love to write and share my experience with others.

So, while this book may not solve all your problems (of course, no book ever can or will), How to be Free is a practical, fun, user-friendly guide to starting (or renewing) a meaningful spiritual practice.

The e-book is available for purchase on Kindle or Smashwords, orĀ in the EnlightenEd bookstore.

Here is one of the dozens of practices from the book, for your use and enjoyment!

Let go of negativity.

Notice signals of clinging such as irritation, anger or fear. Notice the ideal or expectation to which you are clinging. See the harm in holding onto this negativity. Let go, with love and compassion.

What daily practices help you maintain balance and mitigate stress?


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