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Happy Anniversary, Sanity!

Thirteen years ago, I was locked up. I was 24 years old in Austin, Texas. A bright, blossoming wounded made up girl-person flung far from the bleak overcast of depression or the jagged broken-record of anxiety. I was HIGH and flying ever higher. No one could stop me. I was a rainbow technicolor butterfly emerging… Continue reading Happy Anniversary, Sanity!

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17 Years since Columbine

{First published on elephant journal} Dylan Klebold was 17 and Eric Harris 18 when they walked into their high school in suburban Denver, planted huge bombs concealed in duffel bags in the cafeteria that would have killed and maimed hundreds had they exploded, then shot dozens of people on the school grounds and killed 15,… Continue reading 17 Years since Columbine


The manic episode: Part I

Manic depression is searchin' my soul I know what I want but I just don't know how to go about gettin' it Feeling sweet feelings drops from my fingers Manic depression is capturin' my soul ~ Jimi Hendrix Six years ago, I had a nervous breakdown. The incident, which culminated on April 16, 2005, was… Continue reading The manic episode: Part I