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Our Lives are Better for Having Known Her.

"Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Make your peace with that and all will be well." ~ Gautama Buddha A beloved sister, mother, healer and friend has died. She could be free now from the cycles of birth and death and rebirth. Yet all who knew her know she will be back. She… Continue reading Our Lives are Better for Having Known Her.

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A Tribute to my Grandma

Letting the last breath come.  Letting the last breath go.  Dissolving, dissolving into vast space,  the light body released from its heavier form.  A sense of connectedness with all that is,  all sense of separation dissolved  in the vastness of being.  Each breath melting into space  as though it were the last. – Stephen Levine… Continue reading A Tribute to my Grandma

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Dedicating the Merit of our Practice

(Read the original on elephant journal) The other day, I stood alone in the temple in front of an altar full of a stunningly beautiful and potent mandala of crystals, Tibetan singing bowls, and Buddhas. As I breathed with my palms together in prayer in front of my heart and wished that the journey my… Continue reading Dedicating the Merit of our Practice

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Love is a Field.

I open the door. I see a sauna, empty space, hot air. Steam. I step inside. I am going on a trip within. I sit. I am alone and not alone. The aromas of lavender, white sage, and eucalyptus spiral around me in wisps of smoke. Sweat pours from my pores. I am here. There… Continue reading Love is a Field.

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8 Simple Heart Opening Tips

Anahata chakra, the heart center, is the fourth energy point, located at the center of the seven main chakras in yogic philosophy. It unites the three lower chakras with the three upper points. Anahata means “unstruck” in Sanskrit. Its color is green, its element is air, and its sense is touch. The core issues at this… Continue reading 8 Simple Heart Opening Tips

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Where is the Middle Way?

  What we have here is a lack of union. Extremes have become ultra polarized to the point of absurdity The polar ice caps melting can't be denied Science isn't a matter of belief humanity is KILLING OUR MOTHER EARTH The government isn't meant to be a two-party system and politics shouldn't be what is has become: corporation… Continue reading Where is the Middle Way?