Namaste, 2017!

Life is ever brimming with challenges, sadness, joy, surprises, togetherness, alone-time, emotion, work, play, love and learning. Comedy, tragedy and everything overlapping in between.

Walking the path of beauty means making the choice to live in a way that fulfills you…. the deepest, truest, clearest version of you. When we embody the best version of ourselves, we transmit our happiness, fulfillment and light to those around us.

In reflecting on my past life in the States — working overtime, eating packaged foods, fighting traffic, perpetually stressed and seeking contentment in all the wrong places — that lifestyle seems like it was already many lifetimes ago, when really only eight years have passed.

Over the course of the years, I’ve had moments where I sense that my long-ago, seemingly impossible dreams (to live in an exotic Latin American culture, to teach yoga and meditation, to write, to create a family with a wonderful partner) have become reality.

This month, I’ll be collaborating with some fabulous friends to give a weekend retreat at La KzonA Atitlan, and I will be leading my first week-long retreat — at Villa Sumaya!

p.s. There are still spots left for both; if you are feeling inspired to join either of these learning circles, I encourage you to take the leap!

I am filled with gratitude for these opportunities to share the powerful practices of chakra yoga, yin yoga, heartfulness and creative writing!

Here’s to living the dream, day by day, moment to moment.

May you live your dream.

May you be you.

May all beings be happy!


Full moon intensity anxiety fulfillment
Journey coming to an end
Except there is no journey and no end

Bubble baths pampering appreciation
Playgrounds across North America
Slides swings metal plastic then and now
Leaves falling trees standing swaying
Interpreting swirls in pumpkin chai lattes
Bundling up stripping down

East west north south above below
Center of the Heart

Easier said than done?
Easier done than not done
Nothing to do
But watch the water go by

Soul coughing memories and plans
Dharma media yoga social club
Carrying wishful books around
Not reading
Not writing
Not listening
Not speaking

Learning by osmosis, by un-design, by letting go, by receptive awareness
Traveling diagonally, chasing Dylan down the sidewalk chalk
What about Bob?
What is it about?
Train cars jet engines soles of feet
Rubber soul steel mind trap
Saturn day all work and all games

Om sweet om
Namastay Na-MA-ste
India Guatemala Mexico Canada USA Colombia
Mama Africa
Gaia on the astral plane

Purple jade sore joints absorbing the pain of our brothers and sisters
Not worrying

Choosing our own adventures
Feeling poetry rise up until sunset
Music in the ever present

Reeling in what is illusion and what is a dream and what is reality
Realizing nothing
Oppositional defiance
Order disorder
Chaos in silence

No no no
Perhaps perhaps perhaps
Oh, yes!

Happy New Day

Life is

broken down into

made up of

years months weeks days hours minutes seconds


The task goal point meaning of Life is to live each one of them
fully, openly, heartily

Moments are Life
This moment is living

This moment is what it is
And it is also in movement

The movement of the moment
flowing with grace
simultaneous embrace and let-go

Accepting the innate perfection of everysinglething,
while at the same time
choosing healing
(choosing yoga, breath, meditation, meaningful work, mindful consumption,  healthy lifestyles)

Above all,
and choosing love.

buddha faces

To live is to love.
To love is to live.
You live that you may learn to love.
You love that you may learn to live in the eternal.


When I get that feeling, I want sexual healing!

I must admit it kind of freaks me out to have written and published this, but I’m reading two books simultaneously about the yoga of intimacy and sexuality and so I got inspired. Sex is something we are ashamed of as a society. The more that people can talk and write and read about sex and intimacy, the more we can shine light on the shadow and heal the wounds around sexuality that culture imposes.

So here it is:

My journey of sexual, spiritual healing.

(Don’t read it.)