The Trecena of Noj: 13 Days of Earth Wisdom & Ideas

Last Thursday, the Maya here in the western highlands of Guatemala celebrated¬†Wajshakib Batz, 8 B’atz, which is the beginning of the new two hundred sixty day cycle. So, we are only just beginning. Again. On Sunday, I interpreted a Mayan Fire Ceremony for a small group, alongside the spiritual guide, Thomas and he also brought […]

How to Discover Life: Knowing vs. Not-Knowing

The Power of Not-Knowing and the Paradox of Faith There is great power in not-knowing, in returning relentlessly to Beginner’s Mind. The piles of knowledge we accumulate can be such a burden as they so often harden into stoic judgments, inflexible opinions and bitter attitudes. This is why it’s so refreshing to spend time with […]