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Actually, no, that’s not how karma works.

Karma is not an eye for an eye. By this point, everyone and their dog has heard of karma and some of us even venture to think we know what it means. We don't. Karma is, like the universe, like life, more complex and grand than our human minds can ever comprehend. Karma, in Buddhist… Continue reading Actually, no, that’s not how karma works.

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Seeking: Healers—Inquire Within.

“Few of us are satisfied with retreating from the world and just working on ourselves. We want our training to manifest and be of benefit. The bodhisattva-warrior, therefore, makes a vow to wake up not just for himself but for the welfare of all beings.” ~ Pema Chodron A Bodhisattva is one whose aspiration is to… Continue reading Seeking: Healers—Inquire Within.