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The Modern Day Slavery of Black Boys & Men

{Originally published on elephant journal here} Black men bear the brunt of racism in America today, as they have since the era of African American slavery. Despite the Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil Rights Movement, African Americans are still discriminated against today, both in school and in the so-called justice system. Statistics from a 2015… Continue reading The Modern Day Slavery of Black Boys & Men


Our Human Right to Education

Imagine a world in which all humans had the right to free, quality, lifelong education that develops our personalities to their fullest potential and promotes human rights and freedom. Education is the foundation of us as individuals and society. What we learn, do and practice colors our experiences, relationships, communities and cultures. I am a… Continue reading Our Human Right to Education

Michelle's Memoir

I am not trying to destroy Life School.

Let's get the story straight. I was a good teacher. I loved my job. Then, everything changed. I was fired. I was gonna let it go. Cut my losses. Move on. Then, the school filed a denuncio (restraining order) against me. Unprovoked. I then pursued my rights and was told by the Guatemalan government that… Continue reading I am not trying to destroy Life School.