The Great Influenza of 1918

Microbes have proven themselves to be masters of evolution that expertly exploit every opportunity created by the changing lifestyles of humanity through the ages. From the hunter-gatherers to farmers, and from rural homesteads to city dwellings, throughout human history, microbes have mutated and stayed with us, in the form of bubonic plague, influenza, smallpox, typhoid,… Continue reading The Great Influenza of 1918

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Make America Kind Again

The "Golden Age" from 1945-1972, was an exceptional phase of American history. Looking back upon this era now widely considered to be the epitome of American prosperity, historian Eric Hobsbawm wrote, “Gold glowed more brightly against the dull or dark background of the subsequent decades of crisis.” The vague, much-repeated promise to recapture the wonders… Continue reading Make America Kind Again

The New Story

From Objects to Subjects

What if students were the subjects and subjects were merely the objects? What if Art and Music were core classes instead of electives? What is Sex Ed. included discussions about intimacy and emotionally safe sex? What if P.E. was more than physical and taught mindbody awareness and cooperation over competition? What if Math equated to… Continue reading From Objects to Subjects