Natural Remedies for Bad Belly.

Living in Guatemala, I’ve come to learn a fair amount about the human digestive system over the years. Effective cleaning is the fundamental law of hygiene and the primary tool for combating disease and preventing ailments caused by microorganisms. We also need to be conscious of our consumption habits, giving them greater priority in our… Continue reading Natural Remedies for Bad Belly.

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7 Signs of Narcissism

Simply stated, narcissism is an inflated view of the self, combined with relative indifference to others. There are two distinct categories of pathological narcissism: exhibitionist and closet. Both stem from an inability to adequately develop an age-appropriate self due to problems with the quality of nurturing provided during their childhood by the primary caregiver, typically the… Continue reading 7 Signs of Narcissism

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Still Crazy After All These Years

How to Survive a Nervous Breakdown How many nervous breakdowns end in suicide? How many of us humans have been (and will be) diagnosed, labeled, committed, hospitalized, drugged, tranquilized, "treated" and altogether subdued and oppressed? How many of us are called mentally ill, unstable, crazy, insane, weird or worse? The critical voices of our parents,… Continue reading Still Crazy After All These Years

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From Objects to Subjects

What if students were the subjects and subjects were merely the objects? What if Art and Music were core classes instead of electives? What is Sex Ed. included discussions about intimacy and emotionally safe sex? What if P.E. was more than physical and taught mindbody awareness and cooperation over competition? What if Math equated to… Continue reading From Objects to Subjects