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7 Sensational, Classic Yoga Books for Beginners.

7 Sensational, Classic Yoga Books for Beginners.Whether you’re brand new to yoga or a seasoned veteran, books are a great way to learn about the ancient philosophy and its modern evolution.Having myself learned hatha yoga from a book, I can attest to the beauty of this method. Of course, it it always recommended to study with a teacher… Continue reading 7 Sensational, Classic Yoga Books for Beginners.

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Get Grounded—The Root Chakra

Welcome to the inaugural post of a 7-part, 7-month Yoga Freedom blog series, Chakra of the Month! Although August is nearly drawing to a close, I would like to introduce the root chakra as this month's energy center. The root chakra is your body's security guard. You know when you get sick and literally feel like… Continue reading Get Grounded—The Root Chakra