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Slow Flow Yoga & Writing Retreat: March 2020

Immerse yourself for a week in a safe space for growth and healing, surrounded by the spectacular beauty of nature and the potent energy of an established retreat center specializing in deep practice. Yogis of all shapes, sizes, experience levels and genders are invited. Slow flow doesn't necessarily mean easy, it means moving in a… Continue reading Slow Flow Yoga & Writing Retreat: March 2020

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Fall Yoga & Writing Retreat!

We'll get together, sit in a circle, breathe and stretch our bodies and imaginations. We'll share sacred space in this magical, mystical Mayan heartland. We'll write and let our streams of consciousness flow. We'll consume delicious, healthy, love-filled foods and drinks. We'll gather for ceremony, for practice, for synergy, for personal and collective growth and… Continue reading Fall Yoga & Writing Retreat!

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Join me for a yoga retreat this summer.

Yoga, meditation, chakra chanting, journaling, ceremony & community! AUGUST 12-16 Villa Sumaya on Lake Atitlan is the perfect space for healing, growing and incubating dreams. Walking the path of beauty, we are ever grateful to the magic miracle of life happening now. We realize that every moment we have the choice to open, expand, heal… Continue reading Join me for a yoga retreat this summer.

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The Path of Beauty: Yoga & Writing Weekend Retreats

Yoga has altered my life, for the better, for more than two decades. I've been teaching for the past sixteen years. I've also been writing pretty much since I can remember. Diaries, journals, blogs, poems, essays, articles. So I'm beyond thrilled to be offering a few weekend retreats in August & September that are all… Continue reading The Path of Beauty: Yoga & Writing Weekend Retreats

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The Neverending Nuisances of Life

The ants are everywhere. Mosquitoes buzzing in our ears, flies of all sizes, scorpions scurrying out from dry hiding places, spider communities weaving condominiums of webs in the garden. It's rainy season in Guatemala, and all our insect friends are seeking shelter. Furthermore, we are all getting older with each passing moment. Aches and pains… Continue reading The Neverending Nuisances of Life

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Life, Death and Volcanoes

Holy wow, what a week. Last Sunday, June 3rd, el Volcan de Fuego ("Fire Volcano) erupted violently, killing at least 100 people. It is one of 22 volcanoes in Guatemala, although only a few of them are active. Fuego sits several miles outside a popular tourist destination, the colonial city of Antigua, and is known… Continue reading Life, Death and Volcanoes