Evolving Expression

As we knew from the get-go, EnlightenEd would evolve with time and feedback. What began as a project in the field of education seems to be moving further out there, away from the established system. From the beginning, we knew we were moving away from the mainstream; as it turns out, we're moving away from… Continue reading Evolving Expression


Why I Run, Swim & Bike (Q&A with Raina Cockburn)

Q: When did you start running? biking? swimming? A: I ran cross country a bit in high school but when most people ask me this question I say that I became a runner in 2002 when I ran my first half marathon. In looking back, I suspect a teacher encouraged me to try out as… Continue reading Why I Run, Swim & Bike (Q&A with Raina Cockburn)

The New Story

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

In the article “The Secret to Raising Smart Kids” posted on Scientific American, Carol S. Dweck makes some interesting points about how praising children for their intelligence can put them in a “fixed mind-set” rather than a “growth mind-set” because they start believing that intelligence is something they have (or don’t have) rather than viewing… Continue reading Working Hard or Hardly Working?

The New Story

8 Ways to Raise Our Individual & Collective Consciousness

I’m psyched about this year and the potential it holds. Here are eight suggestions on how to make 2015 our best year yet. May they be of benefit! More mindfulness Mindfulness is more than just a buzz word. It is both a practice and a mental state that involves paying attention to the present moment… Continue reading 8 Ways to Raise Our Individual & Collective Consciousness

Dharma Teachings, Education

How to Blow Your Mind Wide Open.

I have been a grateful sojourner on the winding spiritual path for as long I can remember. At certain points in the past, I have wished for epiphanies, signals and sudden enlightenment. Of course, life doesn’t work that way. What we seek eludes us. Letting go allows newness to enter. So, although I would like… Continue reading How to Blow Your Mind Wide Open.