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How to Take a Stand against Climate Change

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. We must take urgent action to cut global emissions in half by 2030 and eliminate them by 2050. This demands the phasing out of fossil fuel emissions, along with adopting efficient, renewable energies. Achieving net-zero carbon emissions won’t be easy, but it is still possible. It will require the… Continue reading How to Take a Stand against Climate Change

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Redefining Trash with Zero Waste Living

Nature produces no trash. The ultimate goal of zero waste is to move in the direction of nature. Instead of throwing stuff away thoughtlessly, all resources are absorbed fully back into the system. Zero waste means sending nothing to the landfill. This is accomplished by reducing our consumption to only what is needed, reusing as much as… Continue reading Redefining Trash with Zero Waste Living

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Living Eco-Logically: What It Means to Be Green

{Read the full post on elephant journal.} Being green is more than merely checking off a list of sustainable to-dos: canvas grocery bags (check), recycle and compost (check), conserve water and electricity (check). Green is the color of the heart chakra—it is soothing, calming, the color of love, generosity, kindness and friendship. Green is the… Continue reading Living Eco-Logically: What It Means to Be Green


Gone green. Now what?

YOU reduce, reuse and recycle. You turn down plastic and paper. You avoid out-of-season grapes. You do all the right things. Good. Just know that it won’t save the tuna, protect the rain forest or stop global warming. The changes necessary are so large and profound that they are beyond the reach of individual action.… Continue reading Gone green. Now what?