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Nature is the best medicine.

Forest bathing, aka meandering in nature, is a practice, similar to and aligned with yoga, meditation and prayer. Developing a meaningful relationship with nature occurs over time, and the connection is deepened by returning frequently throughout the natural cycles of the seasons. Have you ever gone in the woods, not to hike but just to be? When was… Continue reading Nature is the best medicine.

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5 Dynamic Meditations for Busy People

Do you have trouble sitting still sometimes? Modern life is super busy with a seemingly endless list of tasks, commitments, priorities, and responsibilities. The breakneck speed of technological development and the rushed pace of urban life create the perfect storm. In summation, many of us are currently more productive—and more stressed out—than ever. The human mind entertains… Continue reading 5 Dynamic Meditations for Busy People

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The Forest Cure

Why I'm Anti Antidepressants Many years ago, I sat on the couch of a stern psychiatrist who informed me that I needed to take prescription psychotropic pills every day for the rest of my life. That didn’t sit well with me. But, I was 21, and facing the moment-to-moment reality of horrible depression during every… Continue reading The Forest Cure