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Enlightenment is Always Available & Attainable

"No one else has the answer. No other place will be better. And it has already turned out. At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want. There is no need to run outside for better seeing. Nor to peer from a window.… Continue reading Enlightenment is Always Available & Attainable


A New Initiative for a New Paradigm: EnlightenEd!

Hi there! Just 17 days into the new year, and already it seems like so much has happened. I hope your year has gotten off to a great start. I'm excited to announce a new initiative I recently launched with a friend, colleague and former co-teacher. It's called EnlightenEd, and it's an online community that… Continue reading A New Initiative for a New Paradigm: EnlightenEd!

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How to Blow Your Mind Wide Open.

I have been a grateful sojourner on the winding spiritual path for as long I can remember. At certain points in the past, I have wished for epiphanies, signals and sudden enlightenment. Of course, life doesn’t work that way. What we seek eludes us. Letting go allows newness to enter. So, although I would like… Continue reading How to Blow Your Mind Wide Open.

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Seeking: Healers—Inquire Within.

“Few of us are satisfied with retreating from the world and just working on ourselves. We want our training to manifest and be of benefit. The bodhisattva-warrior, therefore, makes a vow to wake up not just for himself but for the welfare of all beings.” ~ Pema Chodron A Bodhisattva is one whose aspiration is to… Continue reading Seeking: Healers—Inquire Within.

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You Are Already A Buddha

Good morning, enlightened ones. Good news! Did you know? You are already a Buddha. Even if you're working for the weekend, even if you're struggling with an addiction or three, even if you're angry or sad or lonely or moody or joyful, even if you're overconfident, and even if you are suffering from an utter… Continue reading You Are Already A Buddha