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Don’t Despair ~ Raise Your Vibration

By raising our consciousness, rising above partisanship and drama and the endless, outrageous narratives, both personal and collective, we can certainly lift up own vibration and maybe, just maybe, inspire others to do the same. Don't fall into the trap of believing everything you read or see in the news. Don't fall into a mindless… Continue reading Don’t Despair ~ Raise Your Vibration

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The Big No: The Value of Boundaries.

I tend toward the YIN, meaning feminine, meaning soft and earthy. Recently, I had the opportunity to express my YANG, meaning masculine, meaning strong and fiery. And it was hard and it gave me a splitting headache and vertigo and insomnia, but in the end it was GOOD. It feels so good to say know… Continue reading The Big No: The Value of Boundaries.

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What Color is Your Aura?

Even if we cannot see it, our aura is always with us, surrounding us. It consists of the sum of its parts. Here are some ways in which we can connect with each of our seven main chakra energy centers: The Root Chakra To connect with our root chakra, we can stand up directly on the earth, and feel the ground… Continue reading What Color is Your Aura?

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The Trecena of Batz: 13 Days of Creative Expression & Insight

The Mayan solar day 1 B’atz’ is tomorrow, Tuesday, June 14. {For an explanation of how the Mayan calendar works, read the full post here.} From then until June 26, we are moving through the trecena ruled by B’atz’: the thread of life. Its animal totem is the monkey. These days are superb for expressing our creativity with lighthearted… Continue reading The Trecena of Batz: 13 Days of Creative Expression & Insight

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Flow & Flower—A Yoga Chakra Guide

Want to learn more about your chakra energy centers? Ideal for both yoga teachers and practitioners of all levels, Flow & Flower is a 30-page guide features intriguing information on each of the seven main chakra at five points along the spine, as well as the third eye and crown of the head. The ebook features: a… Continue reading Flow & Flower—A Yoga Chakra Guide