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Summer Moon, Stars & Sun

Nineteen years ago, I was 2O. And depressed about it. The simple fact of my birthday launched me into my first bout of "clinical" [i.e. serious, prolonged and intense] depression. It was not to be the last. Stuck in the gray quicksand of despondency, shell shocked after so many years of being sheltered, shepherded and… Continue reading Summer Moon, Stars & Sun

Interbeing, Living from the Heart, Michelle's Memoir, The New Story

Clear Lens Moments

It was one of those days when the air was washed and polished like a lens. Everything was crisp and clear. Springtime in California. I could see each individual leaf shimmering on the tree and was simultaneously taking in the whole tree in its magnificent glory. The colors were more vivid, the wind more meaningful,… Continue reading Clear Lens Moments

Interbeing, Living from the Heart, Michelle's Memoir, New Paradigm in Practice, The New Story

The Forest Cure

Why I'm Anti Antidepressants Many years ago, I sat on the couch of a stern psychiatrist who informed me that I needed to take prescription psychotropic pills every day for the rest of my life. That didn’t sit well with me. But, I was 21, and facing the moment-to-moment reality of horrible depression during every… Continue reading The Forest Cure


The Relaxation Response

During my last trip to see Dr. Tim Brown, N.D, I asked him for other relaxation techniques that I could share within a community of learners. The staff at Ocean Park Natural Therapies regard their patients as more than just patients. In fact, it is the only public place where I have been treated as the whole (physical, mental,… Continue reading The Relaxation Response

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The Gift of Shattering

“Once in a while, if you are lucky, the Universe will ask you to shatter… shatter your preconceived ideas, fears, identities, imaginations… all things not rooted in Truth.” ~ Lila Lolling Keep Reading Shattering happens when our current frequency needs adjusting for our highest spiritual evolution. Shattering is a forced shifting and a forced change… Continue reading The Gift of Shattering

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I loved Lucy.

[Read the abridged version on Elephant Journal.] My heart is empty. Lucy was with me for nearly nine years, since my parents gave her to me when I graduated from college in May 2002. I loved her so. My constant companion died Sunday in the early evening. A surreal flurry of fleeting emotions pass through… Continue reading I loved Lucy.