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Our Lives are Better for Having Known Her.

"Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Make your peace with that and all will be well." ~ Gautama Buddha A beloved sister, mother, healer and friend has died. She could be free now from the cycles of birth and death and rebirth. Yet all who knew her know she will be back. She… Continue reading Our Lives are Better for Having Known Her.

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A Tribute to my Grandma

Letting the last breath come.  Letting the last breath go.  Dissolving, dissolving into vast space,  the light body released from its heavier form.  A sense of connectedness with all that is,  all sense of separation dissolved  in the vastness of being.  Each breath melting into space  as though it were the last. – Stephen Levine… Continue reading A Tribute to my Grandma

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Farewell, Amigo

A friend died last Thursday. He ended his own life. A friend I hadn't seen in years, but a friend all the same. A teacher, a musician, a husband, a father. With a daughter close to the same age as my own: five. He was forty years old. I received the sad news one morning… Continue reading Farewell, Amigo

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Halloween is kind of fucked up.

Check out the full post: Of course I went trick or treating as a kid. I would dress up and go door to door with a group of friends and ask for candy from mostly unknown neighbors in suburbia. In high school, I don't remember celebrating. In college and post-college, I would go to… Continue reading Halloween is kind of fucked up.

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Death and the End of Luck.

Last week, on the day before his sixty-fourth birthday, my uncle who I never called uncle, left his earthly body. I never called him uncle, because he was not in my life until about eight years ago. He was not in my life until then, because my paternal grandma got pregnant out of wedlock in… Continue reading Death and the End of Luck.

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Addiction is a brain disorder.

A self-described "rookie" blogger wrote a post four days ago called Phillip Seymour Hoffman did not have choice or free will and neither do you. It's gone viral, and I can tell you why. An amazing title, plus a fantastic image: Also, a hot and timely topic: the death of a beloved and talented actor due to… Continue reading Addiction is a brain disorder.