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The Importance of Daily Curiosity

Every morning, I ask myself these four questions: What am I writing for? What am I practicing for? What am I teaching today? What am I learning? The answers vary widely yet patterns emerge. I am writing for peace. I am practicing for enlightenment. I am writing to be open to what arises. I am… Continue reading The Importance of Daily Curiosity


28 Reminders to Inspire You Crazy Creative People.

{This was originally published on elephant journal.} Creativity is a practice. Craziness is a skill. Or, perhaps better stated: we are all crazy in our own ways and we are constantly absorbing and creating, whether we realize it or not. We are all creative. Art, in my opinion, is a matter of mindfully intending what… Continue reading 28 Reminders to Inspire You Crazy Creative People.

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Writing, Movement and Change.

Welcome to Autumn! I hope you are enjoying the crisp air and fall colors and flavors that come with this seasonal transition. Lots of good stuff is brewing here at Yoga Freedom! After years upon years of writing for myself and publishing for free, I am now earning about as much through writing as my… Continue reading Writing, Movement and Change.

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The Writing Process

The traditional writing process, as taught to K-12 students worldwide, goes a little something like this: Prewriting Drafting Revising Conferencing Editing Publishing Oh, if it were only so simple, so linear! I am back to square one. Prewriting. Since 2010, I've shunned the idea of a lengthy book project in favor of short, pithy blog… Continue reading The Writing Process