3 Calming Meditations for Creativity

Just sitting, practicing doing nothing, breathing, and paying attention to our breathing is fundamental to formal meditation practice. Yet, meditation and mindfulness can be cultivated through other methods, such as standing, walking, eating, communicating, etc. Writing is also a wonderful, creative, grounding practice that can be meditative. The act of putting words on a page, whether handwritten, […]

The Trecena of Batz: 13 Days of Creative Expression & Insight

The Mayan solar day 1 B’atz’ is tomorrow, Tuesday, June 14. {For an explanation of how the Mayan calendar works, read the full post here.} From then until June 26, we are moving through the trecena ruled by B’atz’: the thread of life. Its animal totem is the monkey. These days are superb for expressing our creativity with lighthearted […]