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Breathing in Inspiration

To inspire. To inhale. To breathe in life, presence, peace. Inspiration, in the form of creative inspiration, the itch to write, paint, draw, sketch, sculpt, sing, dance, practice meditation, CREATE, comes and goes. Wouldn't it be too exhausting if we were constantly inspired? Constant happiness and pleasure and perfection, building a soft nest around ourselves… Continue reading Breathing in Inspiration

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3 Calming Meditations for Creativity

Just sitting, practicing doing nothing, breathing, and paying attention to our breathing is fundamental to formal meditation practice. Yet, meditation and mindfulness can be cultivated through other methods, such as standing, walking, eating, communicating, etc. Writing is also a wonderful, creative, grounding practice that can be meditative. The act of putting words on a page, whether handwritten,… Continue reading 3 Calming Meditations for Creativity

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The Trecena of Batz: 13 Days of Creative Expression & Insight

The Mayan solar day 1 B’atz’ is tomorrow, Tuesday, June 14. {For an explanation of how the Mayan calendar works, read the full post here.} From then until June 26, we are moving through the trecena ruled by B’atz’: the thread of life. Its animal totem is the monkey. These days are superb for expressing our creativity with lighthearted… Continue reading The Trecena of Batz: 13 Days of Creative Expression & Insight

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Writing Down the Chakras

Writing is an art, a gift, a practice. I practice and teach writing as taught by Natalie Goldberg in her numerous and fabulous books, primarily the classic, Writing Down the Bones. Her few, simple rules for writing include: keep your hand moving, don't reread (until after the writing session), don't edit, let go of control,… Continue reading Writing Down the Chakras


40 Creative Ways to Express Yourself

Everything is an expression, an expression of creation and destruction. Expression exists in everything– wind, fire, waves and flowers. Expression is everywhere – in a smile, a kiss, in every wrinkle. Expression is some-thing, however practical or impractical, made beautiful. Expression is an everyday art. Expression is the result of intentional action – something you do that shares who… Continue reading 40 Creative Ways to Express Yourself


Expression through Music with Vespers

What inspired you to learn music? How did you learn? Can you describe your learning experience? I would say the motivation was from within.  I was so young when I started, it was just something I was compelled to do.  I never looked at someone else and made a conscious decision, it was just a… Continue reading Expression through Music with Vespers