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Men go into Caves; Women are like Waves

Recently, a friend gifted me a copy of three chapters, well-used and stapled together, of the classic relationship advice book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Published by counselor John Gray in 1992, these yellowed pages had a surprising amount of helpful wisdom. The main takeaway, which is not rocket science or anything---though… Continue reading Men go into Caves; Women are like Waves

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Heart-to-Heart Communication

"If we want to do good, it has to be in our words to the people we live with, and the people that we meet on the street, and the people that we interact with at the stores, and the people we work with. If you want to stop nuclear war, pay attention to your… Continue reading Heart-to-Heart Communication

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Learning to Listen, Listening to Learn

Freedom of expression is a birthright that many of us have been granted and regularly exercise. We are freer to speak our minds now more so than any other time in history. Protests are readily organized and petitions fill our inboxes. We have endless mediums to share our opinions; we can let others know what we are thinking at any… Continue reading Learning to Listen, Listening to Learn


Throat (5th) Chakra

"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act." ~ George Orwell Throat chakra concerns:  communication, creativity, voice, expression, consumption, purification Music: Communication Breakdown by Led Zeppelin Hello Goodbye by The Beatles People Gonna Talk by James Hunter Rehab by Amy Winehouse Express Yourself by Madonna Literature: Right Speech: How… Continue reading Throat (5th) Chakra