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1606 Oakridge Drive

I'm feeling the nostalgia big time. Grieving a place. I'm happy for my parents and their new (to them), bigger house (with a pool) near Canyon Lake, TX, just an 80-mile drive from their old house (my house) where they'd lived since 1989, in the city of Round Rock. Yet I'm mourning the fact that… Continue reading 1606 Oakridge Drive

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Winds of Change

It's 8 Iq today. Iq is the Mayan sign of wind. There is a gentle breeze or none right now in the living room. I am still, settled, in Sacramento. The sacrament. The sacred mundane. Waking up in a quiet house full of relatives asleep. Soon enough the coffee will be brewing, the people chattering,… Continue reading Winds of Change


Evolving Expression

As we knew from the get-go, EnlightenEd would evolve with time and feedback. What began as a project in the field of education seems to be moving further out there, away from the established system. From the beginning, we knew we were moving away from the mainstream; as it turns out, we're moving away from… Continue reading Evolving Expression

Michelle's Memoir

Choose Your Own Lifestyle

Hey, there. Happy 2015! I just love a new year. Even if it's an illusion, the new calendar with its 12 pristine months feels like a fresh start---a chance for a new beginning. I didn't set any official resolutions this year, because that's not how change works for me. I am, however, proud to say… Continue reading Choose Your Own Lifestyle

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The future’s so bright.

You know when you need something to jolt you out of complacency? A poem, Aristotle, by Billy Collins did that for me today. Here are a few of my favorite lines: This is the beginning. Almost anything can happen. This is the first part where the wheels begin to turn, where the elevator begins its ascent, before… Continue reading The future’s so bright.