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How to get your groove back

Healing the 2nd Chakra Swadhisthana chakra is the Sanskrit name for our second energy center and translates to “sweetness” or “sacred home of the self.” Imagine your mind as still as water in a vast lake. Breathe in a long, deep breath of inspiration, then let the exhalation go naturally, easily. Repeat this technique for… Continue reading How to get your groove back

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Summer 2017 Weekend Retreats @ Lake Atitlan

Retreat at Lake Atitlan, one of the world’s most beautiful lakes, surrounded by lush flora and fauna, colorful Mayan villages and three volcanoes. Here are eight great reasons for us to create the time and space in our lives for retreat, whether it be a single morning of silence in our own backyard or a… Continue reading Summer 2017 Weekend Retreats @ Lake Atitlan

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Get Grounded—The Root Chakra

Welcome to the inaugural post of a 7-part, 7-month Yoga Freedom blog series, Chakra of the Month! Although August is nearly drawing to a close, I would like to introduce the root chakra as this month's energy center. The root chakra is your body's security guard. You know when you get sick and literally feel like… Continue reading Get Grounded—The Root Chakra

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Authentic Alignment

Take a deep breath Step onto this diving board This rectangular springboard into the muddy waters Where the lotus grow Lift your arms Lift your toes Lift them up to the lord Take a deep breath The blood red lotus blossoms At the spine’s base Breath balloons all sides of your heart You are secure… Continue reading Authentic Alignment