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Buddhism as Religion Versus Philosophy

“At its etymological root, religion is what rebinds or reunites us with the sacred. Many of us long for this return from exile and then discover that it leads us toward existential danger —  the deconstruction and rearrangement of our very sense of self and reality. In common usage, religion often refers to the belief… Continue reading Buddhism as Religion Versus Philosophy

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The #1 Mistake You Don’t Know You’re Making in Yoga.

And by "yoga," I mean life. I know, because I did it for years in my own yoga practice, without even realizing I was doing it. Then I realized I was doing it and I still did it for years, but less and less so over time. I still make this mistake, sometimes: Beating myself up… Continue reading The #1 Mistake You Don’t Know You’re Making in Yoga.

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Seeking: Healers—Inquire Within.

“Few of us are satisfied with retreating from the world and just working on ourselves. We want our training to manifest and be of benefit. The bodhisattva-warrior, therefore, makes a vow to wake up not just for himself but for the welfare of all beings.” ~ Pema Chodron A Bodhisattva is one whose aspiration is to… Continue reading Seeking: Healers—Inquire Within.

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Pema Chodron is a national treasure.

Pema Chodron is a national treasure.Pema is a beacon of love, light and practical wisdom.She is a 77-year-old bestselling author who has been a devoted teacher and student of the Shambhala tradition and a fully-ordained Buddhist nun for decades.Born in New York in 1934, she found the Buddhist teachings in the wake of her second divorce, when… Continue reading Pema Chodron is a national treasure.

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Give up the seeking.

From Radical Acceptance, a great and accessible Buddhist book by Tara Brach: Our original and true nature is described in Mahayana Buddhism as prajnaparamita, the heart of perfect wisdom... the Mother of all Buddhas, ´the one who shows the world as it is.´ She is called ´the source of light... so that all fear and… Continue reading Give up the seeking.