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June 2014 Digest

Dearest Reader, Here are my posts this month on elephant journal. {Please read, comment and share as inspired!} Love & Namaste, Michelle 32 Years of Solitude. School of Rock: 88 Classic Songs All Kids Need to Hear. Only the Free Mind can be Creative. {Quote} 10 Daily Practices of Insane Awesomeness. How to Make Love… Continue reading June 2014 Digest

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A Survival Guide for Novice Bloggers: 10 Quick-Pro Tips

The beauty of blogging is that anyone can publish anything, anytime. Its downfall, too, is that we can all publish anything, anytime. The endless options of topics about which to write and angles from which to write can be overwhelming. The insane number of blogs and blog posts already floating around out there in cyberspace can feel… Continue reading A Survival Guide for Novice Bloggers: 10 Quick-Pro Tips


November Digest

Here are my top 8 elephant journal articles this month. You can read two free per day on the site! Subscriptions start at just $13/year. Thanks for reading and supporting indie media! An Unexpected Marriage: How I Gave Up & Found Love. The story of how I met my life partner less than two years ago, just when… Continue reading November Digest


September 2013 Digest

Check out the articles I've written for Elephant Journal so far this month! This Very Moment is the Perfect Teacher: Honeymoon at the Hospital: A personal essay about when my baby got sick and had to be hospitalized in Colombia this summer. How Getting Fired from Google Drastically Improved My Life: a personal essay about… Continue reading September 2013 Digest