The New Story

Learning to Relax, Relaxing to Learn

We spent last month sharing stories of learning and describing a new paradigm of learning, conscious learning. Thank you to all who joined us. This month we will be going back to the basics by discussing the foundation of learning and providing activities that promote relaxation (not anxiety) in learners. Without adequately feeding our brains… Continue reading Learning to Relax, Relaxing to Learn

Dharma Teachings, Education, Karma yoga, Metta, Mindfulness

The Gift of Shattering

“Once in a while, if you are lucky, the Universe will ask you to shatter… shatter your preconceived ideas, fears, identities, imaginations… all things not rooted in Truth.” ~ Lila Lolling Keep Reading Shattering happens when our current frequency needs adjusting for our highest spiritual evolution. Shattering is a forced shifting and a forced change… Continue reading The Gift of Shattering


Post Tornado Stress Disorder

A tornado hit my school when I was eight going on nine. It was April, 1989. I remember that morning the sky was clear, a perfect blue. Flawless. Not a single cloud. Dad drove me to school on his Yamaha motorcycle. I felt cool riding to school on a motorcycle. I liked wearing the helmet… Continue reading Post Tornado Stress Disorder