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Make America Kind Again

The "Golden Age" from 1945-1972, was an exceptional phase of American history. Looking back upon this era now widely considered to be the epitome of American prosperity, historian Eric Hobsbawm wrote, “Gold glowed more brightly against the dull or dark background of the subsequent decades of crisis.” The vague, much-repeated promise to recapture the wonders… Continue reading Make America Kind Again

The New Story


USA reverse culture shock stream of consciousness... immigration easier than expected for my colombiano (how long are you staying? no plans to move here? okay. stamp, stamp. bienvenidos), less sweltering than augusts remembered but we've stayed mainly in the shade, microwaving homemade chocolate chip cookies, Spanish is the official language of San Antonio, TV!, A/C,… Continue reading Americana


Constructive Outrage

#reverb15 Day 8 of 21 What makes you feel outraged? Write about at least one constructive, compassionate thing you can do about it. {Read the original on elephant} I'm sure most of us are outraged at the the rise in violent crime and mass shootings in public arenas such as schools, churches, theaters, universities and… Continue reading Constructive Outrage

Michelle's Memoir

Choose Your Own Lifestyle

Hey, there. Happy 2015! I just love a new year. Even if it's an illusion, the new calendar with its 12 pristine months feels like a fresh start---a chance for a new beginning. I didn't set any official resolutions this year, because that's not how change works for me. I am, however, proud to say… Continue reading Choose Your Own Lifestyle

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Home again.

"For the time being the highest peak, for the time being the deepest ocean; for the time being a crazy mind, for the time being a Buddha body; for the time being a Zen Master, for the time being an ordinary person; for the time being earth and sky. Since there is nothing but this… Continue reading Home again.



In a mere 18 months, McCain’s Hail Mary gone haywire has become a cultural phenomenon. America’s favorite half-baked Alaskan is more cunning than we thought. She is now reaching millions with her bestselling book (though her political action committee, SarahPAC, boosted her royalties and exposure by spending $63,000 on its own copies of “Going Rogue”),… Continue reading Palinsanity