Yoga Freedom

Living from the Heart ~ Working for the Benefit of All Beings without Exception


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Shadow Work: Healing Daily Life Practices

The Best of Yoga Freedom: Collected Writings 2010-2017

Collected blog posts and essays from 2010 to 2017, dealing with everything from developing and deepening a personal yoga and meditation practice to stories of shame and sexual healing to heart advice on long-term partnerships and healthy, simple lifestyle choices.

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title-pageBe Free: Heart Opening Practices by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Our undivided attention is the most valuable thing we can offer to ourselves and others. The practice of mindfulness can expand to encompass our daily lives.

This book offers simple yet life-changing methods gleaned from the ancient teachings of yoga and dharma. (It is the 2nd edition of my 2013 book, originally entitled How to be Free.)

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yoga schmoga book coverYoga Schmoga, a memoir/manifesto of restlessness and wakefulness by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Yoga Schmoga is a humorous way of saying Your Yoga. Your Dharma. Your truth, your path, your calling, your purpose in life. You’ve got to figure it out for yourself, but it is definitely somewhere out (or rather, in) there. This is the true story of how yoga has affected me over the past twenty years from approximately age 13 to 33. Each personal essay delves into a theme—work, spirituality, mental health, sex, love and so forth. Along the way, I share the what, where, why and how of a spiritual practice centered around yoga and mindfulness.

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Flow & Flower: How to Heal Your Chakras by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Learn all about healing your energy centers. This user-friendly, 50-page booklet explores the seven main chakras:

  • overview and characteristics
  • yoga practice suggestions
  • essential questions for reflection
  • affirmations
  • music playlists
  • guided meditations

Get your copy of Flow & Flower!

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