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Sangha, kula, tribe, community — whatever you call it, it is an essential part of life.

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Alfredo Maul ~ G-22: The Environmental Association Guatemala 22 (G-22) promotes better environmental practices starting with individuals and believes that the future of Guatemala and the planet is founded on Moderation, Humility and Creativity.

Amanda Flayer Chif ~ La Puerta Abierta: a library and learning center in Santiago Atitlan whose mission is to empower children to use creativity, critical thinking and literacy to become innovative problem solvers.

Araminta Barbour ~ The Sanctuary Guatemala: sacred space for workshops, rituals and community celebrations, The Sanctuary is an ideal place for events and workshops or for individuals looking for a special place to stay. Comfortably holds groups of 18 for yoga, 25 for intimate workshops, 50 for talks.

Arjuna & Arpita ~ Mahadevi Ashram: Traditional Yoga Haven offering numerous courses, trainings and retreats in Tzununa (near San Marcos la Laguna). See also:

Atitlan Arte Vista: Located in Paxanax, this is the site of occasional mini-meditation, breath work or creativity camp days. The houses can be booked for private stays and retreats.

Bryan & Sara ~ Hostal Del Lago: Daily yoga classes at 7:30 & 9:00 a.m. and some afternoons

Benjamin Herrarte ~ La Paz: Daily yoga classes at 9:00 a.m. & 3:00 p.m.

Cojolya Association of Maya Weavers: a cooperative of artisans with a small museum of backstrap loom weaving in Santiago Atitlan, established in 1983.

Deva Nirguna: Osho meditation teacher, Sky Dancing Tantra teacher, astrology painter, world-class Tarot reader and certified California massage therapist with more than 40 years of experience. Tarot or Massage Sessions. Tel. 5366-1819 or email

Joshua Param Sevak ~ Yoga is Unity: Kirtan leader, Kundalini Yoga teacher trainings (monthlong immersions)

Margaret Blood ~ Mil Milagros: (A Thousand Miracles) a small organization that partners with mothers, grandmothers, and teachers in Guatemala to prevent child malnutrition and hunger and to ensure that children graduate from sixth grade healthy, literate and prepared to continue their education

Michelle Margaret Fajkus ~ Yoga Freedom: yoga, meditation, mindfulness classes for children, teens and adults; weekend retreats, books & articles.

Padma de Pana ~ Proyecto Kajol: projects that support Mayan sustainable farmers in Guatemala

Paola Caire & Nyame Daza ~ PasajcapYoga, massage, meditation, silver/gold healing jewelry, eco-cabins for rent, fresh goat cheese, milk and yogurt. Tel. 5920-5393.

Villa Sumaya: Majestic lakefront eco-retreat center near Santa Cruz La Laguna (Paxanax) offering hotel accommodations, restaurant, spa, sauna/hot tub, two beautiful studios. Features frequent yoga and meditation retreats given by visiting teachers.

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